Internet entrants will also have the opportunity to play the Wheel of Fortune Second Chance Bonus Game for a chance to win a Home Entertainment System, valued at $5,000, and other prizes.

For every non-winning ticket you submit, you'll receive up to FIVE drawing entries for the next upcoming Home Entertainment System Drawing.  Play the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game after you submit your ticket to reveal your entry total.

An opportunity that was available earlier to earn WHEEL GOLD to use playing Wheel of Fortune on Facebook has ended as of February 20, 2013. WHEEL GOLD is no longer being awarded. If you earned WHEEL GOLD prior to February 20, 2013 but have not redeemed it, you may continue to redeem it until February 20, 2014. See below for more information about WHEEL GOLD.

It is important to note that this Bonus Game can only be played immediately following your non-winning ticket submission. If you do not play the Bonus Game when invited to do so, you forfeit your opportunity to play.

Click START to begin.

Click the puzzle you want to try to solve from the three choices.
You will start with five spins. When you click SPIN, the wheel will stop on a tile with either a point value or a command (such as “lose turn” or “bankrupt”).
Click a letter you think is in the puzzle to collect the points.  Points multiply each time the letter appears.
Whenever you accumulate 1,000 points, the PRIZE SPINNER will award you with a special prize: extra spins, vowels or other surprises.
Think you solved the puzzle?  Click SOLVE, then SUBMIT your answer.
Give up?  When you've exhausted your spins and you're stumped, just click GIVE ME THE ANSWER and SUBMIT to reveal your Drawing Entries.


Wheel Gold is used in playing the GSN Wheel of Fortune interactive game on Facebook.  Wheel Gold that was awarded in the Lottery promotion has no other purpose or value.  It has nothing to do with the second-chance drawings.  It was being offered for fans of Wheel of Fortune to be able to solve actual Wheel of Fortune puzzles on Facebook.

In order to claim Wheel Gold, you must have a Facebook account and you must install the GSN Facebook Wheel of Fortune app on your computer, when prompted to do so.

Awards of Wheel Gold for every ticket submitted ended on February 20, 2013. If you have unredeemed WHEEL GOLD, on the ENTER TICKET page you will see your balance of unclaimed Wheel Gold.  Click the REDEEM button to claim your prize and you will go to the Facebook website.  If you are already logged in to Facebook and have previously installed the Facebook Wheel of Fortune game, you will see a message confirming your prize and the Wheel Gold will be added to your Wheel Gold balance. You will have until February 20, 2014 to redeem your Wheel Gold on Facebook.

If you have unredeemed WHEEL GOLD but you don’t want to join Facebook or play the Facebook Wheel of Fortune game, no action is required.  The unredeemed WHEEL GOLD will be removed from your account on February 20, 2014.