Each non-winning Mass Lottery Mega MONOPOLY ticket (Game 10) that you submit, via the Mass Lottery Mega MONOPOLY Second-Chance Drawing Promotion ("Drawing Promotion") website, gives you an opportunity to play the MONOPOLY Bonus Board Game ("Board Game") to earn at least one (1) entry and as many as five (5) entries into a second-chance drawing.

By playing the Board Game, you earn and accumulate Monopoly "Money Points" which will automatically award you entries into the Drawing Promotion. For every one thousand (1,000) Monopoly "Money Points" you earn playing the Board Game, you gain one entry into the Drawing Promotion. The more Monopoly "Money Points" you collect during a drawing period, the more entries you will have in that drawing.

Playing the game is easy. Just select a game token by clicking on it, then click to roll the dice.

Here are the game basics:

  • TOKENS – Select one of six game tokens by clicking on it.  Your game token will move to the "GO" square on the game board and you’re ready to begin rolling the dice!   
  • ROLLS – When the game starts, you have six (6) rolls.  You can win extra rolls by rolling doubles or through the play of the game.  Click on the dice or click the "ROLL" box to roll the dice.  Your token automatically advances around the board equal to the total of the roll.  If a roll doubles three times in a row, you go to Jail.
  • POINTS METER – The goal of the game is to win Monopoly "Money Points".  Your points appear in the Points Meter to the right of the game board.  When you start, the Points Meter is set at zero.
  • START – At the start of the game, you receive nine (9) random Monopoly Properties ("Inventory").  Any time you land on another property, it is added to your Inventory. Complete a MONOPOLY for any set of properties to win the Monopoly "Money Points" listed for those properties.  For example, getting Park Place and Boardwalk gives you a MONOPOLY for those properties and credits you with 1,000 Monopoly "Money Points". 
  • UNSOLD PROPERTY – If you land on a property that you do not own, the property is added to your inventory and the space on the game board is marked "MINE" to show you own it.  Collect all the properties in a color set and the Monopoly Money associated with that set is added to your Points Meter.
  • YOUR PROPERTY – If you land on a property marked "MINE," one that is already in your inventory, you get an extra roll.
  • RAILROAD QUICK PICK! – If you land on any of the four (4) Railroads, you win a free trip around the board, which will entitle you to collect properties along the way.
  • ELECTRIC COMPANY & WATER WORKS – If you land on Electric Company or Water Works and you have previously won Monopoly "Money Points" (as shown in the Points Meter), your total is multiplied based on the outcome of the roll of a multiplier die.
  • CHANCE and COMMUNITY CHEST – If you land on Chance or Community Chest, you will be rewarded or penalized based on what appears on the card.  If the card says you win Monopoly "Money Points", the total is added to your Points Meter.  Alternatively, you might receive a reward in the form of additional properties added to your Inventory!  If the card says you owe Monopoly "Money Points", you have the option to select a property from your Inventory to forfeit, as indicated on the screen or you lose a roll.  If you win a "Get out of Jail Free Card," you keep the card to use as needed to get out of Jail.
  • INCOME TAX and LUXURY TAX – If you land on Income Tax or Luxury Tax, you must select a property from your Inventory to forfeit, as indicated on the screen, or you have the option of losing a roll. 
  • GO – Land directly on the GO space and you will play a special GO game!  Pass GO on your travels around the Board Game and you’ll pick up an extra roll.  If you go to Jail, you go directly to jail without passing GO.
  • FREE PARKING – Properties that you lose by landing on Chance, Community Chest, Income Tax or Luxury Tax are placed on the FREE PARKING space on the game board.  Land on FREE PARKING and you will collect any property deeds that you lost earlier.
  • GO TO JAIL – Just like in the real game, land on this square and you go directly to jail without passing GO. 
  • GET OUT OF JAIL – You can either roll doubles to get out of jail or forfeit a property deed to get out of jail.  If you possessed a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card from Chance or Community Chest, you can use the card to get out of jail without risk.
  • GAME OVER – The game ends when you have rolled your final roll of the dice.  Any Monopoly "Money Points" you have earned playing the game is added to your entry account to be converted to entries in a second chance drawing (one entry for every 1,000 Monopoly "Money Points" earned).  

Game result is preset and randomly generated.

To qualify for a second-chance drawing in the Drawing Promotion, you must enter a non-winning Mass Lottery Mega MONOPOLY ticket number online by entering the required player information and the twenty-four (24)-digit numeric Entry Number. One entry will be awarded for every 1,000 in Monopoly "Money Points" earned from playing the Board Game during the entry period for that drawing. Every time you play the Board Game during the entry period for a drawing, your points total will grow – one entry for every 1,000 worth of Monopoly "Money Points" you collect.

Total Monopoly "Money Points" for a drawing period = 17,000
Total Second Chance entries for that drawing period = 17,000/1,000 = 17 entries

After every second-chance drawing deadline, your Monopoly "Money Points" will automatically be converted to entries for the drawing (one entry for each 1,000 Monopoly "Money Points"), and your Monopoly Points Meter will be reset to "zero" for the next drawing. Additional entries and play of the Board Game, via additional non-winning Mass Lottery Mega MONOPOLY tickets, will be required to be entered in the next drawing.